And In The Middle Of My Chaos.... Was You.

In the crazy and unsettling world we live in at the moment, we can all feel very unbalanced and that life is a tad chaotic. When life feels like it is consuming you and the waves are taking over, you feel you are drowning in the chaos, remember you are amazing and doing your very best.

Take 5 minutes to yourself and do what makes you happy, run a bath, read a book, light a candle and sit in silence, play some music and dance like no one is watching, phone a friend, treat yourself to something new or take a walk. Whatever it is that makes you take a breathe, do it. The moment will pass and all we can do is take one step infront of the other. Writing a list and getting it down on paper always helps, ticking those things off is very therapeutic.

We are all Warriors, facing something we could never have imagined, believe in yourself, you are stronger than you know. Sometimes looking back and reflecting how far you have come gives you the strength to look forward.

You are not alone, after every storm there is a rainbow.

Nas and Vicky



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